In The Beginning

Sunday Morning, December 22nd in Gary Indiana in 1991, Is where it all began for me. when i was 20 I learned that my mother had as a secret only a select few knew about me. I also learned that she left me in the hospital as baby Mitchell. She couldn’t give me a name due to her already making the choice to give me away, she didn’t want to change her mind.

I was placed into Foster care, Short months after February 12 1992. The Wahls family took me home with them to Roseburg Oregon. A small town located on the I5 corridor. The Wahls family consisted of My dad Steve Wahls, My mom Monica Wahls, My sister Rebecca (Wahls) Snyder, and my sister Lydia Wahls. They took me home and loved me like their own. We lived in the country in a beautiful Historic home on a few acres of land, with horses and a few other farm animals through the years. My years in Lookingglass Oregon just outside of Rosburg from 1992-2004 were some of the best most innocent times of my life.

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