Finding A Piece Of ME

Growing up adopted was hard, especially since no one looked like me. my parents are white my sisters are white. and here I was a dark chocolate black girl. I would look in the mirror and sigh who am, what am I, Where do I belong, does my birth mom think of me? Do I look like her? Is she alive? Do I look like my siblings? So many unanswered questions. and that was okay, My adoptive family was and has always been super supportive. My mom and dad around as a teen attempted to find my birth mom for me they hired a private investigator, but due to adoptions laws in the state i was born Indiana they hit a road block. I was so devastated. but i continued my search via social media.

October 1 2011, I had a whim I was at my best friends house and it was 11pm I posted a post on my Facebook. Saying I was searching for my birth family and listed the names of my family. I happened to know all their names because the first few months of my life my birth mom had written letters that my adoptive parents saved for me. I added everyone who was from the Midwest that i could find that could resemble me. I happened to add my brother Darious he looked like me was a few years older that correct age was born in Indiana. A few hours later Darious wrote . He said do we know one another? I said No I don’t think we know one another. He goes on to ask me if my family is white. I said yes they are. he asked me my name. I said well I was adopted when I was a baby but my name is Millicent. He said You are my sister. The overwhelming feeling I had, the joy the fear, the excitement, every feeling came up for me. I couldn’t believe it i finally found my family. We talked for hours. later that morning on the 2nd of October he had my mother call me. When she spoke I knew I had heard her voice before I knew her instantly. Later on that day she told my birth father and He called me. I knew his voice instantly as well. I told my adoptive family and they were so overjoyed for me so happy. We planned that on my birthday and around my moms birthday that we should meet face to face.

December 17 2011 on my adoptive dads birthday a few days before my 20th birthday. My adoptive Mom traveled with me to Chicago to drive to a halfway meeting spot called liberty Illinois. We met at a church. My mom and auntie both came I was terrified. when she hugged me I felt like I was home at last the missing piece to my puzzle had been found. later that evening we all went out for some pizza, I said my goodbyes to my adoptive mom, and went on my way with my mom to Milwaukee Wisconsin. that night i snuggled up to my mom.

Next day my mom took me around town to show me off. it was incredible. never had I heard in my life oh you look like you mom till that moment. I was a copy and paste of her. She was so proud do show her long lost daughter off to the world. I was so excited to feel at home. That week we spent together was amazing. I also met my dad my grandmas my siblings, aunts uncle cousins. It was one of the best birthdays and birthday gifts I had ever gotten. I learned more about myself then I did in an entire life time. I learned were my athletic abilities came from, were my quirks and my smile came from, my nose, my hair my everything about me. I discovered my personality traits, were my sense of humor, my laugh my creativity. It was awesome oh that’s from my mom oh that’s defiantly from my dad. all my life I had wished to be able to do what my adoptive sisters could do with our parents. This was my moment I got it all in one glorious weekend.

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